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Österreichischer Filmpreis 2022 : Hinterland wins Best Production Design

Hinterland ( Amour Fou Luxembourg) wins Best Production Design at the Austrian Film Awards 2022 (Österreichischer Filmpreis)! 

Hinterland is a 2021 Austrian-Luxembourgish crime thriller film directed by Stefan Ruzowitzky. Starring Murathan Muslu and Liv Lisa Fries, the film is set in Vienna in 1920, after the fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Former detective Peter Perg (Murathan Muslu) returns home after at the end of World War I, having spent years as a prisoner of war. After a series of killings of other POWs, he joins forces with forensic doctor Theresa Körner (Liv Lisa Fries) to solve the crimes.

The film was shot to a large extent with the blue screen technology, the scenes were mainly created on the computer.

The film premiered at the  74th Locarno Film Festival on 6 August 2021 and won the Audience Award.