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Take the VR Cinema home with VR to Go!

The VR Pavilion lives on! Until 30 June take the VR Cinema home with VR to GO! This solution offers rental VR headsets allowing visitors to extend the LuxFilmFest experience. Based on the model developed by PHI, the Pavilion’s trusted partner in Montreal, the headsets “To Go” will screen award-winning films from the 2023 Pavilion’s VR Cinema, which audiences can enjoy in their own time, from the comfort of their own home.


How to rent “VR to Go”:

1. Book your “VR to Go” kit at neimënster or reserve by mail:

2. Choose a rental period:  Friday to Monday or Tuesday to Thursday.

3. Pick up your “VR to Go” kit at neimënster and pay the € 20 rental fee.

4. Enjoy the headset for the specified rental period.

5. Drop off your headset at neimënster and retrieve your deposit.


Each “VR to Go” kit includes a preprogrammed virtual reality headset with a charger, disinfecting wipes and a user guide. The setup is simple and requires no outside assistance. A € 200 guarantee deposit will be required to finalise your reservation.

By the way, if you are visiting neimënster, you can still enjoy the VR Cinema on site on request!